It is widely acknowledged that the media and broadcasting industry will face a shortage of well trained engineers and technologists in the future with the onward march of IP technologies and the improvement in compression technologies potentially making the problem worse.

How will you deal with the standardisation of technical requirements for the delivery of programmes to broadcasters?

Are you and your staff ready to leverage the opportunities and meet the impact of new technology on your business and profitability?

Digital Technology Training (DTT) has been created to help meet this need, now and in the future.

We are a consortium of experienced professional trainers who have a solid grounding in the development and delivery of broadcast engineering and technology courses.

We cover professional development for existing industry practitioners as well as support for apprentices and new entrants through training that is flexible, focused and cost effective.

Delivered on-site at your premises, our courses are cost effective, flexible and can be designed to meet your professional development needs.

Whether you have gaps in the knowledge base of your in-house engineers and technologists, are a senior manager who needs to update or enhance your knowledge of IP workflows, or a production executive who wants to get to grips with how new technologies can make your project more efficient and profitable….we can help.

We are also developing a slate of courses to support the career development of apprentices and new entrants to the industry.