Making sure your new hire is a success

On Boarding and Employee Orientation designed by Digital Technology Training (DTT) is cost effective, scalable and flexible. It standardises the process is trackable, and can incorporate tests, reports and analytics.

For a short example follow this link: https://digitaltechnologytraining.com/on-boarding-and-new-employee-orientation/

Research has shown that up to 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for at least three years after a great onboarding experience.

You have spent time and money finding the “ideal” new hire which scenario does your company offer?

Scenario 1:

Your new colleague arrives at reception and is met by an unfamiliar face at reception, directed to their new department or desk with a hundred-page employee handbook safely tucked under their arm. Do they read it? Do they take all in? How do you know?

They follow instructions on how to sign into their email, they find instructions from their new boss (who they haven’t seen since their interview) and get started on their job.

Not a good look for the company…

Scenario 2:

Your new colleague receives a slick, pre-printed welcome pack on their first day. A knowledgeable and friendly mentor eases them into their new work environment and gives them a guided tour of the office. So far so good;

Then, in their own time, they are expected to work through the company’s orientation manual.  Do they read it? Do they take all in? How do you know?

Better than scenario 1 but – it’s all a bit hit and miss.

Scenario 3;

Prior to joining your new colleague receives an email welcoming them to the company with a link to the company’s online, eLearning based On Boarding module.

This resource will be available on demand and become an on-going point of reference where your new colleague can learn more about the corporate culture and their job responsibilities and refer back to when necessary.

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