Ascent with Modification…

Darwin defined evolution as “descent with modification”, the idea that species change over time, give rise to new species, and share a common ancestor.

Well Digital Technology Training (DTT), has been positively Darwinian over the last 18 months or so, although I think I would prefer to call it “ascent with modification”.

When DTT began, we concentrated on broadcast engineering and technology, but were constantly exploring new options and directions.

As a result of economic and practical drivers, we moved from conventional, face-to-face training to an on-line offer, but still mainly focused on engineering and technology.

Since then, we have diversified and now offer eLearning and bespoke training solutions across a range of disciplines and topics.

We are adding to our skill set incorporating video and audio and increased interactivity, and in the next couple of months will have improved animation capability, chatbots and later 360o image functionality to offer our clients.

We have worked on projects as diverse as mental health in the workplace, health and safety for a multinational client, an introduction to Excel for a US consultancy and product support training for a Bermudian insurance company.

Who knows where our next “descent” will take us…

Quid Postea?

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